About the Writer


I’m a junior college student studying marketing and professional communication at a semi-small university in Tennessee.

I love long walks in the woods, reading, deep conversations with my friends, writing, thrift shopping, nature, tea, vintage things, history, cult movies, reading, long walks with my love, coffee, wide assortment of music, and theatrical arts.

I believe we’re about beautiful creatures and heaven is for everyone.  I think this life is a mess and people are a mess and that’s the beauty of it.

Things I vehemently support: feminism; gay marriage; interracial marriage; separation of church and state; freedom of speech; freedom of religion.

Things I do not tolerate: misogyny; homophobia; bigotry; thinking your religion makes you better than others (hint: it does not); being mean to my friends; ignorance; making fun of something simply because you don’t agree; stereotypes; and racism.

I’m an Aquarius.  My love languages are words of affirmation and physical touch. My myers briggs personality is ENFP. And I have a Melancholy/Sanguine wired personality.

Have a wonderful day, thank you for reading this. If you tell me you read this I will love you forever.


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