The Generational Gap

I’m 22. Almost a senior in college. Tech savvy. Swimming in student loan debt. A millenial, actually.

It’s not so bad. At least I know there are many more like me. Wrapping up college, or already in the work force. Scared of joining the “real world.” Sick of hearing about how lazy and entitled our generation.

That’s the thing that bothers me most about being a millennial. Constantly being grouped together with the worst of this generation and labeling us all that way. Every generation at some point or another has been described as lazy, entitled, incompetent, etc. News flash, older generations will often see the younger ones as “ruining” something. It’s human nature to reminisce on old times, but don’t reject the new simply because it’s different. At some point, baby boomers and Gen X were the young folk and ruining things their parents thought were fine Rock music (Elvis), Woodstock, and the Civil Rights Movement scandalized the older generations of the time, but now are accepted and seen as part of our history.
In the same way, today’s generation of kids who have and will grow up in a world of technology are seen as self-absorbed, lazy, entitled, etc. And yes, unfortunately there are quite a few of those who are like that. But you can’t sum up an entire generation based on the actions of a few. This generation is very concerned with equal rights for all. We’re a generation who wants peace. We want to be inclusive. We’re concerned about mental health, social issues, the planet and creating a more sustainable world for future generations.
Please tell me how this makes us selfish and entitled.
This post isn’t about bashing the old for the sake of the new. And subsequently, we cannot embrace change simply for the sake of change. All I’m asking is we stop labeling large groups of people based on te actions of a few.
Millennials will forever change this world; whether that change be good, bad, or nuetral is up to us. We can help the older generations; after all, it will be us who take care of them as they age. Or we can continue to be harped on and will turn against all that is considered archaic or traditional.

Just as you prefer to be your own person, not hindered by misappropriated generational stereotypes, we long for the same.

Millenials aren’t the problem with this world. Nor are baby boomers or  Gen X. No one group of people is solely responsible for the turmoil in which we currently find the world.

We’re already at odds with one another based on clichéd archetypes that pit the old against the new. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The media claims older generations to be out of touch, but I don’t think that is true. Older generations have wisdom that only comes with living a long time. Younger generations have the benefit of looking at problems with a fresh set of eyes. Together we can begin to fix the void that drives these generations apart.



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