When Your Best Friend is No Longer Your Best Friend

You didn’t have a falling out. You still care for them. You just kinda drifted apart.

Occasionally you’ll send a “hey stranger” text but it never lasts long. You both have different lives now.

That’s okay.

Sometimes friendships are meant to last a lifetime. And sometimes they’re only for a season.

It’s particularly hard if the person in question is a friend from childhood. They not only represent your swept friendship, but also, many childhood memories.

You used to hang out/text/talk all the time. You always made time for them. You did everything together. Then something happened. You forgot to text back. Or she never called when she said she would. It’s nothing personal, life just got in the way. You think to yourself, “Did I do something wrong?”

The answer is no.

You did nothing. It’s just one of those things. Other friends or family members ask what happened. All you can say is, “we just drifted apart.”

Now, some people will say if you and a friend drift apart it’s because you don’t make time for them and because you don’t care. That’s not true.

Yes, you may have not forced yourself to make time for people, but if you have to force yourself into that, then maybe it’s not what you wanted deep down. Maybe, just maybe, you aren’t supposed to be besties anymore.

Maybe they went off to college, or moved to a different town. Maybe she got a boyfriend and started to neglect you. Regardless of the catalyst, your friendship dissolved. And despite the good memories the two of you share, it’s just not enough to continue the friendship.

You still care about her. Find old pictures on Facebook and laugh to yourself. You consider hitting the share button but think twice. Instead, you look at the life she has now and truly hope she’s happy. Even though she’s in a different life stage from you, you still wish them the best.

And maybe, just maybe, you’ll reconnect one day and pick up right where you left off.



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